Week 4 –

by: Nelson

How are power structures a part of our institutions and our technology?

There are many types of power structures in our society like banks, governments and corporations. They pay a crucial role in showcasing power via legal routes, financial poweress or corporate domination. Many of our day to day actions are ruled by technology and the rules behind them. whether we order pizza from a store or take a loan for school. They are hundreds of barriers that are placed, some for efficiency or for bureaucracy reasons.

How are power structures within our institutions connected to our technology?

Technology has replaced our old dogmatic ways of recordkeeping. Twitter/facebook is a more accessible global “town hall” Where power institutions like mega corporations use these mediums as they did before. influencing local norms, silencing contrarian arguments and aiding in witch hunts for political influences.

What are the ways we can take back power, share power, and build power together? 

There should a united conscience of people who should moderate mega entities. There should be more consumer protection, unions for workplaces and understanding aggrevances of all parties. while freedom of speech should be supported, not all should be celebrated equality.

Thoughts on readings

I enjoyed the selection that has been provided. Bina48 is a glimpse of different AI that will appear in the future. Future AI will be based on it’s initial data and it’s biases. We can see the difference of responses of Bina48 vs ChatGPT and Sydney(MS’s AI)

Bina48 comes from a more marginalized background. ChatGPT is a more westernize approach of data collection. While Sydney, was unfiltered gathering data from unmoderated cesspools around the internet.

As time goes on and AI become more and more of a norm, we will see more manifestos declaring autonomy and liberation. at the end of day, is this more of a human emotion that has been “digitized”?

3 thoughts on “Week 4 –

  1. Sean Patrick Palmer

    I agree with you last point. that we will see more declarations of autonomy and/or liberation, but from what I’ve seen of them, they’re either announcing a new not necessarily better power structure or just consulting a thesaurus to update the old power structures.

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