Week 3


My initial thoughts are that this is a wonderful idea to show some transparency on salaries. However, i feel that the main audience will be fellow employees. It can be beneficial if there were to be a download/export functionality in order to see/interpret the data as a group instead of individuals. This can also be seen as in the FAQ, many of the questions are related to individuals instead of a group. Citing that FOIL is the reason that this is a public record.

FY21/23 CUNY Budget:

This is a standard financial statement for large organizations. 5.2M -> 5.6M in revenue is a good. Even after the pandemic. There is even a drop of operating cost, from 5.4M -> 5.1M. Is this a sign that leadership will ok with downsizing staff? around 200K in drop of full time instructors or a reduction of part time instructors.
These types of documents are meant to be compared to prior financial statements over a five year period.

For 2018, we see 4.9M in Revenue and 5.0M in expenses. So we can see that they are changing the way how they spend/receive.

my main takeaway is that these organizations are similar to banks in the “too big to fail” and will always have a backup somewhere.

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  1. Katina Rogers (she/her)

    Nelson, I really appreciate your insights on these, esp coming from a private foundation background where (I’d imagine) you’re looking at more financial materials than many other folks in the class. Let’s talk about what you see in each during class today.

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