[Project Update] From dusty book to digital presence: a visual timeline re: Dr. Virginia R. Brooks.

Brie Scolaro, LMSW

I wanted to take a moment to share a link to my project before tonight’s class / lightning round discussions. Kudos to @awheeler for directing me to Knight Lab TimelineJS. It was incredibly easy to use (as a beginner) and it seems someone who knows code can take it even further. I am continuing to update the timeline with information and media (especially as I continue to gain fluency in it). Technically, this is a project that I started in Fall 2022 when I first discovered the publication Minority Stress in Lesbian Women by Dr. Virginia Brooks. This book has gone unnoticed and unrecognized in the field of stress research, minority stress theory, social work, psychology, and other relevant fields.

This semester, I attempted to explore the question:

How can I get a physical copy of a book that our library has, into an online version – accessible to students, scholars, within and beyond our GC/CUNY system?

I must admit I still do not have *much* to show for my work, but I certainly have learned a lot about the process of copyright and publishing especially in reflection with power, precarity and care.

Attempt 1: Direct Link (Opens in Browser)


Attempt 2: Embed (Not working yet, it seems I may be able to embed it if I use shortcode that is the only line in a post)


2 thoughts on “[Project Update] From dusty book to digital presence: a visual timeline re: Dr. Virginia R. Brooks.

  1. Tuka Al-Sahlani

    I love your project!
    1. I love how you described the human in the “school” for the peer review section. ( And I knew it was Jen, just from the response you mentioned.)
    2. You are using so many tools and perspectives to bring Dr. Brooks to life. Remarkable.
    3. This autoethographic method you are using for the timeline is important to your journey as a student, researcher, and advocate; so glad you’re doing it. Also, I am biased to that methodology. 🙂

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