Pacing & Slow DH


I was really struck by Bailey’s reading on the Ethics of Pace. I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to move, at times, against the expectations of productivity and efficiency, and to move more in sync with something…more intrinsic? more in tune with our learning, growth, and connections? i appreciate that Bailey called in the work of adrienne maree brown, which got me thinking of her work around Pleasure Activism. what if our labor was tied to our deepest yes within ourselves, rather than away from it, as Audre Lorde teaches us in the uses of the erotic? this feels so much more humanizing to me, and suddenly, the care piece of our class feels that much more crucial. how do we resist the precarity? the abuses of power? through these deep radical connections with one another, and…with ourselves.

I was also reminded of this piece:

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