Found a flower at Black Power Naps


Some thoughts on the MoMA experience:

Going to the museum is always relaxing for me, so I was looking forward to this. However, I found it a bit difficult to relax in the Black Power Naps exhibit. Not sure if it was because it felt crowded or because I felt weird laying down and resting in the middle of MoMA. Also, this week I’ve been wrapping up final projects and had that anxiety (the need for speed that Bailey criticizes) in the back of my head.

Another point I wanted to make is that the exhibit was a space for persons of color, but I didn’t see many there. Also, most of the attendees were glued to their phones instead of resting. This makes me think about past discussions and how we all find rest to be a luxury…Going to MoMA is another luxury. And as Heather Agyepong pointed out, others have gone through similar situations as hers. This leads me to question why would the artists choose this venue for their exhibit? It could be because they wanted to create a welcoming space for persons of color at MoMA but I guess they didn’t consider that most of these people can’t afford to be there(due to no time off and museum entry prices).

Lastly, the highlight of my experience was the Traveling Biblioteca and the dream journal. This space had really good vibes and a soothing energy. Earlier that day, I was updating my summer reading list and looking into Gloria Anzaldúa. I was excited when I saw two books about her in the Traveling Biblioteca. I decided to pick one up and flip through the pages. To my surprise, I found a flower inside (see attached pic.). It made me smile, and I took it as a good omen.

Thanks for organizing this, Katina!

Just in case, the book is the Gloria Anzaldúa Reader

4 thoughts on “Found a flower at Black Power Naps

  1. Adrianna Rios (she/her) Post author

    I’ve had Borderlands/La Frontera on my reading list for a LONG time. But I plan on reading This Bridge Called My Back over the summer. If there’s time left, I might also read Borderlands.

  2. Tuka Al-Sahlani

    I love marginalia and seeing other people’s annotations in their books. One of the Spanish language books had these post-its. I found a page with more English comments and took this picture. Being bilingual at that moment was an affordance, too.

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