Final(ish) thoughts and project iteration

Tuka Al-Sahlani

There is a certain sense of infiniteness when it comes to digital space. We measure data and storage, yet we are offered and sign up for plans that provide unlimited data or unlimited storage. There is power to having something that is infinite, or at least the illusion of power with the ability to claim an expansive unseen vastness. Of course, this vast unseen is precarious. So, in this powerful precarious digital space, how do we care?Practice care? Perform care? As I continued to work on my project the digital space became a second thought. Community of practice became the priority. Communities of practice can help us care for ourselves, our loved ones, our colleagues, our students, our world. In the final iteration of my project I do ask about “where”, but will change the questions to “with whom”. With the infiniteness of space, I believe, community building is the priority. We need care to manage precarity and power. 

Below you will find my project presentation. I would appreciate any comments or suggestions. You all are a community I cherish. Thank you.

DHUM 78000 : PPC in DH: Writing Pedagogy from Compassion