Anthony’s Final Project Idea

My final project feels much more straightforward than some of the awesome projects previously posted. As mentioned, I’m in my 3rd year of the Urban Education doctoral program and am in my final semester of coursework (if all goes according to plan), so I am in second exam/dissertation proposal mode. My reason for enrolling in the course was to collect more resources for understanding the political ramifications of digital humanities scholarship, and in thinking about the final project, I’d like to use it as a space to begin writing my literature review (or perhaps another section) of my second exam. It does not sound as cool as others’ ideas, but I need to be resourceful with my time, and I think my context is pretty cool.

I am a Professional Learning Research and Development Assistant with the Computing-Integrated Teacher Education (CITE) initiative at CUNY Central (in collaboration with Michigan State University). We work with 15 CUNY campus’s teacher education programs as their faculty integrate computational thinking/digital literacy education across their teacher-ed programs/courses. For my dissertation, I’m interested in investigating how integrating digital approaches in humanities teacher ed spaces transform future teachers’ dispositions towards technology using the framework my team developed, teaching about, with, through, and against technology. Subquestions include how it impacts equity in learning and computing more broadly and how it can be designed to be culturally sustaining as well. However, given DH is a relatively fresh field of study, our researchers have not been naming the awesome artifacts being developed by humanities ed faculty as Digital Humanities work. As a result, in order to frame my question and the context, I need to begin by exploring the precarious relationship between DH and K-12 computing, how computing has been rolled out into schools, the vague definition of digital humanities, and the way it presents itself in these spaces.

That was a lot, but that’s the gist.

TL;DR: I’m hoping that using the final project as a research paper/literature review can help me to write out and organize my thoughts for my second exam.

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  1. Katina Rogers (she/her)

    Anthony, I think this sounds like a solid, feasible, and incredibly useful project. I’m really glad it can support your work toward your exam. Will this be something you’ll be able to share publicly once it’s complete? (Either this section or the exam as a whole, depending on what the structure is?)

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