Distant Reading for Care Key Words.

Tuka Al-Sahlani

So, I decided to “play” with other ways to read and write my post this week. I was very interested in the Praxis Program Charter. I decided to see if the language change pre, within, and post pandemic. Below are links of the word clouds:

18-19 Cohort


20-21 ( COVID is explicitly stated in the preamble)


20-23 ( Post? Covid)


Time is highlighted in the 20-21 charter. It is the charter that has time repeated 11 times. In the 18-19 time is repeated twice and in 20-23 time is repeated 20-23. Dutring the pandemic time was finite and a commodity. Many of us practiced care for ourselves and for others by considering time a space of care. I am intrigued and concerened: are we going to forget to care and value our time as we return to “normal”?

4 thoughts on “Distant Reading for Care Key Words.

  1. Jen Hoyer (she/her)

    Tuka, this is so so helpful! And such a great way to reflect on these texts and their different iterations; wow. Thanks for this! 😀

    I was really struck by seeing “better” stand out in the most recent one, and seeing “don’t” stand out the year before…what assumptions am I making from these words about how people are holding boundaries for themselves (don’t!) vs how folks are making value-laden statements about their work (better!)? I’m curious about how my assumptions in reading these matches with the dynamics of those cohorts.

  2. Adrianna Rios (she/her)

    I like this method you used, Tuka! Now I’m curious to try it. Personally, the pandemic changed me and I will never forget to take care and value my time from now on. But this is just me of course…

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