Care Day 3


Fragmented thoughts on the Roopika Risam article:

*This piece reminded me of issues posted by Lorgia García Peña and Moya Bailey

*”The neoliberal university expects representation but resists transformation” –> This quote is everything! Our semester in a nutshell.

*Thinking about care as gendered and feminized: These women feel strongly about their work. Using them for “housekeeping” to counteract and prevent backlashes is humiliating and almost victimizing them all over again. Who “cares” for them? What are alternatives that institutions use? Are there any?

*As you all know I’m in my first year, but so far I’ve had a positive experience with CUNY. I think that the best tools this institution has given me are the curriculum and freedom of craft. Still, I’d like to know what are other tools that CUNY has to counteract the issues presented by Risam? In that sense, how does CUNY differ from other institutions?

3 thoughts on “Care Day 3

  1. Jen Hoyer (she/her)

    Adrianna, I really like your question about what tools CUNY has to counteract the issues presented by Risam; it’s given me a lot of pause to think this morning.

    In my experience at CUNY so far, I’ve seen a little more willingness to accept various types of labor and engagement as service contributions or as scholarship, but I’m still having a tough time understanding how those are quantifiably understood by the folks who make decisions. My impression is that it varies considerably between campuses and departments. My experience has also been that work flexibility (offsite work, flexible schedules) that resulted from the pandemic very directly addressed some of the things that Risam speaks to, even though that wasn’t why they were initiated; I’ve been having conversations with colleagues about what it will look like when/if some of those things are rolled back because the pandemic is “over.”

    I am really curious to hear others thoughts and experiences on these systems and supports.

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