Care Cont’D

brie scolaro, lmsw

attempting to share a director’s cut video i recorded re: this weeks readings on care + my own care inspired by the video My Pandemic. I love video and audio as a way to convey a story, words aren’t enough. Vimeo + google drive link.

4 thoughts on “Care Cont’D

  1. Adrianna Rios (she/her)

    Brie, I’m so jealous of your garden! It reminds me of how important it is to have access to such spaces. I know that I wrote about painting and doing roadtrips in my post. But to be honest, this semester I’ve been all work and no rest. Between school and working as a tutor it’s been incredibly difficult to find time for myself. Even during spring break I visited my family but I was working so much that I didn’t feel like I was truly there. However, I must say that the change of scenery made a huge difference. I was on an “inspiration high” just because I could take my laptop and write outside with good weather, greenery and birds signing.

    All of this makes me think of people that don’t have the luxury to do this. Some people truly struggle with finding time and space for self-care. As I prepare to teach next semester, I wonder how can I bring care into my classroom? I will make sure to always be inclusive and try to share the little power that I have with my students. But I think that might not be enough. What else could we do as educators?

  2. Brieanna Scolaro (They) Post author

    Absolutely to your point about who has access to these spaces or self care or care or breaks in general, esp without a consequence for making any decision to step out. This semester, I have been more in the step out mode than step in. If I step in fully, I have to sacrifice my relationship with my wife, myself, and my ability to show up and do the work that pays my bills. Yesterday I wasnt feeling well and I had to choose to not to go to class so I could try to feel better to work later that evening. This is all to just highlight, also like the pandemic simulator Connection Established did, each of these little decisions we make, where we can choose care, and the consequences that come from any choice we make (being a student means being less of a friend, being more of a gardener may mean accepting submitting less than great work, etc).

  3. Katina Rogers (she/her)

    I love this, Brie. Especially the fact that it’s spring, that new buds are emerging, and there’s a vibrance as well as a fragility in the new life. I’m thinking too about the optional article on attunement, and how attunement is necessary in working with the land—e.g. which plants need to go in the raised beds, which can thrive directly in the ground, what needs to be started inside, etc. More and more I think that in addition to relational and self-care, interspecies care is a crucial part of human wellbeing.

  4. Nelson Jarrin (He/El)

    Hi Brie,
    Thank you for this video! I love your statement of “I’m building my home” not only physically but spiritually. Being open and trying to make your own comfort is so refreshing and caring.

    thank you for inviting us to your home!

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