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Week 3: Power and Budgets/Funding

Brie Scolaro

  • My first attempt was a 5 minute voice memo that I cannot yet figure out how to attach.
  • My second attempt was to upload a PDF of this document that I wrote, to no avail.
  • Here I have finally uploaded my questions from the week – I have deeper reflections, but after 4 hours of driving and multiple attempts, alas, this is what ya get!
  • Organizations do not ask for money unless they need money. In what ways do systems of power protect White Supremacy through accepting and rejecting various documentation of organizational needs, accomplishments, budgets – who is to say what is deemed worthy and unworthy. Can money ever be given without a power imbalance between the grantor and the grantee? What are examples of best practices of folx that do things DIFFERENT (because this current way just aint working…)

Week 1 – Syllabus Addition – Anticipated Structure / Format

Brie Scolaro

In reflecting through the syllabus, one component that I feel would be helpful to add, though not common in other class models, is to list a few examples of how class might look like (expectation of experience). For instance, perhaps the first 30 minutes is typically dedicated to responding individually to a given prompt, followed by peer presentation and larger class discussion. Sharing a few examples or sentences on the expectations of class within the syllabus itself can help students prepare for and anticipate activities. For folx with high academic literacy, this extra structure may not feel different – but for those that are more anxious or shy about class, identify as neurodiverse, or crave a little extra preparation time, this could help us to plan for / be better able to participate and feel engaged.