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Week 1 Syllabus Suggestions

By Adrianna

I really think that the syllabus is well balanced. Judging by other comments (and my own interests) it seems that we all have certain areas that we’d prefer to discuss in greater detail. So perhaps we can get together tomorrow and reach a consensus about which areas we’d like to dedicate extra time to and use those extra readings to replace others? The disadvantage on that would be that we could lose the “balance” of the syllabus. These are just some thoughts, as you see I’m conflicted… As for me, I’m interested in “self-care” and “labor” as topics of discussion. The readings for our March 7th class sound rather interesting and I’d like an extra week dedicated to similar readings/topics. At the same time I don’t want to add extra work for anyone or deprive us for other important material.

After reading for tomorrow, I’m now curious about the problematics behind AI. I think we will be discussing that in March (looking forward to our discussion!) but I’d love to learn more about this. If anyone ever comes across any article/text that touches on this feel free to send it my way.

A quick side note. I sort of connected Data Feminism to a reading I had last week from another course I’m taking (Mad Women). The presence of a “collective we” and the embrace of pluralism really made me recall Audre Lorde’s “The Uses of Anger”.In this speech Lorde’s anger is her source of power. One of the things I enjoyed about it is that the speech is also an open door to other “white sisters” to join and stand up against racism and unfair uses of power. Here’s the link in case anyone is interested, it’s about a 4 page read.

Lastly, stealing Jen’s closing sentence “I’d love to think more about what other formats — performance, poetry, music, visual art — might help us consider the issues we’ll be looking at together.”<—I’m 100% on board with this suggestion! It would be great if we can incorporate music and visual art into our discussions (or our posts).